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Trailer Interchange Insurance

Trailer Interchange Insurance

Dealing with the world of trucking insurance can be a bumpy ride unless you find a reliable commercial auto agency where you can be in safe hands. 

Whether you’re starting or growing your trucking company, or you’re a truck driver who needs insurance in the US, exploring the various options of coverage for you is undeniably crucial. 

One important option to consider is having trailer interchange insurance. Do you really need it? Find out as we discuss more about the insurance details, so you can keep on safe trucking!

What is Trailer Interchange Insurance?

A type of commercial auto insurance, trailer interchange insurance is a unique type of coverage designed to protect the trailer you are pulling, which may not be owned by you.

In today’s bustling array of transportation businesses, trailers are often interchanged between truckers to streamline the delivery process or as part of a relay. It is important that the trailer you’re hauling is insured, even if it doesn’t belong to you. That’s where this insurance comes into play.

In short, trailer interchange insurance protects non-owned trailers that are operating under a trailer interchange agreement with another company. I

It helps safeguard trucking companies and truck drivers against liability for loss or damage while a trailer is in their control or possession.

How Does Trailer Interchange Insurance Work?

As mentioned earlier, trailer interchange insurance offers protection to drivers for damages inflicted on another party’s trailer while in business operations. Typical coverage instances include collisions, fires, falling objects, damages due to weather conditions, and thefts.

Here’s a sample scenario: one of your truck drivers transports a load using a trailer from another company. Unfortunately, during one of its refueling stops, it accidentally backed into a structure and then acquired damage to the trailer. In that situation, the insurance would cover the amount of the needed repairs. Another example is when the trailer is stolen during refueling, the theft would be covered under the insurance policy.

Who Needs a Trailer Interchange Insurance?

You might be wondering if you really need trailer interchange insurance. Well, if you’re a trucking company with a written interchange agreement with another trucking business, you definitely need to put it on your list.

In a trailer interchange agreement, the trucker in possession of the trailer is usually the one liable for paying for the damages while in operation. However, with trailer interchange insurance, the transport company is also covered in case something happens to the trailer in the process of transferring it from one trucker to another.

Just imagine how helpful it is if you don’t need to shell out your own money when the trailer is stolen, lost, or damaged.

So, who needs trailer interchange insurance? This insurance applies to you if you are:

Those that find trailer interchange insurance very helpful usually are:

Those involved in the transportation industry must have a clear understanding of their contractual obligations and make sure that they are adequately insured for all potential risks, including damage to interchanged trailers.

What Does a Trailer Interchange Agreement Do?

Before we discuss the in-depth details of trailer interchange coverage, let’s first clarify what a “Trailer Interchange Agreement” is.

Some companies handle their own shipping transactions from the point of origin to its delivery destination. However, most do not. Instead, a company that needs to ship goods via truck will have a contract with another trucking company to manage the logistics.

Basically, a trailer interchange agreement is a contract that outlines the transfer of a trailer from one party to another (often a truck driver or a trucking company). This agreement states the foundation of understanding who is liable for the trailer and its contents at any given time while in transport. It serves as a basis for who would be responsible if any damages or losses occur to the trailer during transit. It also specifies the types of certifications, licensing, and insurance that are required when borrowing the trailer.

What is the Life Span of a Trailer Interchange Agreement?

Some interchange agreements pertain to just one shipment and are closed once the items are delivered. On the other hand, numerous companies that collaborate with other companies often possess ongoing or evergreen agreements accommodating repeated exchanges or multiple trailers.

What does trailer interchange insurance cover?

Now that you understand the agreement, let’s learn more about what exactly trainer interchange insurance covers. The following are its core aspects:

The main purpose of trailer interchange coverage is to protect the policyholder in case of damage to the trailer due to the abovementioned. If a trucking company is included as a party to any interchange agreements, separate commercial insurance for the borrowed trailers is needed.

How Does a Trailer Interchange Coverage Work?

Just like any other vehicle insurance, trailer interchange insurance follows similar steps when the unforeseen occurs. The process includes:

How much is trailer interchange insurance?

The costs of trailer interchange insurance can vary based on several factors such as your driving record, your driving record, the trailer’s type and value, and the specifics included in the agreement.

Typically, trailer interchange coverage adds an amount between $100 and $1,500 to your annual insurance costs, while the policy limit is $20,000 or $30,000.

How Does Trailer Interchange Insurance Differ From Non-Owned Trailer Coverage?

Trailer interchange insurance extends to damage(s) and requires a written agreement between your company and the trailer’s owner. The agreement comprises important details like trailer information (Year, Model, Make, VIN). If a written agreement is not provided at the time of the claim, the coverage may not be issued.

On the other hand, non-owned trailer coverage extends collision or physical damage coverage to a non-owned trailer while attached to a scheduled power unit on your active policy. It requires a specific limit that is set by the trailer’s owner. The limit represents the maximum amount that can be disbursed following a covered claim.

Choosing The Right Coverage for Various Situations


Limits and Deductibles

Limits define the maximum payouts the insurance company will pay if a trailer sustains damage under the care and control of the policyholder, leading to a claim on the interchange insurance. Similar to car insurance, the deductible represents the amount the insured commits to cover personally for repairs or replacement costs of the damaged trailer. Generally, opting for a higher deductible can lead to a reduced insurance premium.

Liability Insurance Requirement

Truckers or motor carriers, in most cases, must also carry liability insurance to be able to purchase trailer interchange coverage. Their typical commercial, liability, and physical damage policies protect their truck and any trailers they possess. However, these policies do not extend coverage to trailers they don’t own.

A trucking company, however, might include a trailer interchange provision within its standard commercial insurance.

Covering Liability Gaps in Trailer Interchange Insurance

It’s important to know that trailer interchange insurance doesn’t provide coverage for bodily harm to a third party or damage to property resulting from the commercial or private utilization of a rented or loaned trailer.

Non-trucking liability insurance provides coverage for bodily harm or property damage resulting from personal activities, like offering someone a lift before starting a route. Unladen insurance covers injuries or damages that arise when pulling a non-owned trailer without any load. Additionally, unladen insurance covers damages sustained during the trailer’s personal usage.

A trucking company, however, might include a trailer interchange provision within its standard commercial insurance.

Peace of Mind for All Parties

With billions of tons of freight delivered each year, trailer interchange insurance plays a huge and significant part. The US transportation industry is a complex and vast system, but the process to ensure safety for truck drivers and companies has become seamless.

Manufacturers, motor carriers, distributors, truck drivers, and all parties involved in the shipment of goods can confidently look forward to a more secure future and successful results. Indeed, trailer interchange insurance coverage can bring peace of mind to all of them!

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